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1 Aleksandar Kocic
2 Ivan Dudic
3 Goran Djorovic
4 Slavisa Jokanovic
5 Miroslav Djukic
6 Dejan Stankovic
7 Vladimir Jugovic
8 Predrag Mijatovic
9 Savo Milosevic
10 Dragan Stojkovic
11 Sinisa Mihajlovic
12 Zeljko Cicovic
13 Slobodan Komljenovic
14 Nisa Saveljic
15 Goran Bunjevcevic
16 Dejan Govedarica
17 Ljubinko Drulovic
18 Darko Kovacevic
19 Jovan Stankovic
20 Mateja Kezman
21 Albert Nadj
22 Ivica Kralj

more less we could have expected this team but there is only one BIG, HUGE remark. i am outraged because nenad grozdic is not on the list. instead govedarica is going on the euro 2000 is he is one simple "govedo". i have never liked this player and I think that this is a big mistake. grozdic is a player with incredible abillities(assists, runs a lot, scores) while govedarica is slow and apart from his jump(no wonder he has 194) doesen't have other qualities.
just that i wanted to say.

Very impresive (on paper).Our strike force and midfield look solid and our defence has been boosted with the addition of a couple of younger players like Dudic and Bunjecevic(I know Bunjecevic is 26 but that is young compared to guys like Djukic and Miha who are over 30).
Lets just hope that the games agaisnt Korea were just bad luck and that we go into Euro, ready to kick some butt :)

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yes bookmaker001 i agree with u that govedarica is a govnar. i would also of liked to of taken grozdic. but the reality is that govedarica wont play longer than ten minutes the whole tournament so who really cares.

If in these few days left we can change the team around then we can really achieve something.

GUYS the reality is that great players do not neccessary make a great team

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yeeeeah, govedarica has never been a player for the national team and i really don't know why they always put him in the squad. for the world cup nadj didn't go because of him and now terminator grozdic is left out.
as you said he will play all together 10 minutes on the euro and i just hope that he won't screwed up the things like against the germany on WC'98. unfortunatly there is no more time to change the list because this morning was the deadline.
anyway i hope to see our guys in semi-final against england.
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