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Brazil in danger of being banned from international football

By AFP, 2000-06-10

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 10 (AFP) - Four-time World Cup winners Brazil could be banned from international football if a representative of The South American Football Confederation (CSF) finds against them in an ongoing investigation.

Eduardo Deluca, general secretary of the CSF, is to look into a row between fallen Brazilian football giants Vasco da Game and the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

Vasco, unhappy at the CBF's system of allocating points at the end of last years Brazilian championship that saw them relegated to the second division, have taken their case to court.

Deluca will study both Gama's rebellious attitude and the CBF's conduct before sending his report to world football's governing body FIFA on Wednesday.

The report could lead to a two year suspension for Gama.

However, if the report points the finger at the CBF, disciplinary action could range between a simple fine for them or an outright ban on Brazil taking part in internationals.

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I doubt we would be banned from Internationals.
Last year with the problem of players falsifiying ID was much worse than this, and Blatter assured that we would not be banned.
ALso, FIFA will go against GAMA because they enterred into the common justice, instead of the sports justice, which is totally controlled by CBF and the big clubs of Rio:(

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Brazil will never be banned! Never! FIFA will not commit suicide by punishing Brazil for anything.

Brazil has been the No. 1 team in the world for about six or seven consecutive years. And even though Brazil is playing garbage football now, it is still the most popular team in the world and the team everyone wants to see. Brazil makes too much money for FIFA and everyone else.

Banning the Brazil national team because of the CBF would be like banning Ronaldo because his agent did something wrong. It will NEVER happen.

Like Ze da Fiel said, all you have to do is remember the under-21 ID problem. Everyone knows Brazil is guilty in that case. But nothing happened, and nothing will.

If FIFA banned Brazil, the whole sport would suffer.
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