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Djalminha(Bayern Munich)?
Luis Ramis(Villareal)?


Juan Carlos Aguilera(Atletico Madrid)?
Antonio Alverez Perez(Real Betis)?
Santiago Solari(Atletico Madrid)?
Vassilis Tsartas(FC Seville)?

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I think we'll keep Djalma, but yet nothing is sure. We will probably sell Pauletta since he wants to play regularly. And Conceicao is being followed by several Italian teams.
As for those that come I doubt Tsartas will come if we keep Djalminha. But the Atletico guys seem pretty possible.

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Turu Flores has been linked to Boca Juniors, no transfer sum was mentioned.

BTW, Roy Makaay was subbed on for the Netherladns against France. He showed some nice touches, and his physical presence was felt. I think he received a half-chance too.
Good not great stand-in for Kluivert and Bergkamp.
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