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Spain vs Armenia

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Our second qualifying game takes place in the Carlos Belmonte in Albacete against Armenia. Now that the rustiness of the first game against Bosnia has gone, we have to play a little bit better in this game. Del Bosque will probably go with the same lineup that he went with against Bosnia.






Lets make it 6 points boys :thmbup:
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Actually Marca is reporting that Cazorla, Alonso and Guiza may start. VDB has been experimenting with Villa - Guiza partnership up front. This could be interesting.
Guiza and Villa sounds interesting indeed, they compliment each other very well if you think about it. Guiza is well built and can hold the ball up while Villa is just a bad ass who will finish everything in sight.
There is also news today that VDB will more than likely play with wingers again. Specifically Cazorla and Capel. I know many people are fans of the winger system, however I have to say I don't want us to begin relying again on this style of play exclusively. I think it's fine if VDB wants to try different styles, so that we have a plan B. What i don't want to see is Aragone's work changed completely. Playing with (fake wingers) in the Euro cup is how we won and it worked. Now VDB seems to be changing this and playing more with true wingers. I really like Capel, however I also feel that in the last game we relied on him way too much and that all the traffic was going down his flank. What I liked about the Euro Spain was that more of the play went through the center of the field. Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how this continues.
true that. What isn't broke doesnt need fixing.

Still, I think this new style could work. Spain just didnt finish well enough last game, I thought that you looked absolutely brilliant at times how you controlled the game though
Armenia are a decent team, they just couldn't finish to save their lifes in the last qualifier.
any1 got a stream?
Already 2-0 with not even 20 minutes in courtesy of goals from Capdevila and El Guaje.
Spain 2 - 0 Armenia. 28 min, 1st half.
Spain 3 - 0 Armenia. 80' David Villa.
Spain 4 - 0 Armenia. 81' Marcos Senna.

Spain 4 - 0 Armenia.

Boring match overall, but we get the 3 points and that's what matters.
Very suficient. Much happier with the overall play from the team in this one.
now i can make fun of my armenian friends :D :D
Iniesta put on a show infront of his home crowd :thmbup:
How many games in a row has Casillas kept a clean sheet in? :proud:
6 games :thmbup:
Very suficient. Much happier with the overall play from the team in this one.
I agree. Even though it was an easy opponent, I like much more what I saw in this game than the Bosnia game. This team played more like the style we have grown accustomed to in the Euro cup. Bojan looked good as well the brief time he was played. We definately have a team for the future.
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