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Spain squad announced and good news for Barca as well...

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Very fun that Luque was called he really deserved it and the good thing is that nor,Salgado or Munitis is in the squad the sad thing is that nor Vicente or Tamudo made it...

Goalkeepers: Santiago Canizares (Valencia), Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Ricardo Lopez (Valladolid)
Defenders: Curro Torres (Valencia), Fernando Hierro (Real Madrid), Miguel Angel Nadal (Real Mallorca), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), Juanfran Garcia (Celta Vigo), Enrique Romero (Deportivo La Coruna)
Midfielders: David Albelda (Valencia), Ruben Baraja (Valencia), Ivan Helguera (Real Madrid), Luis Enrique Martinez (Barcelona), Gaizka Mendieta (Lazio/Ita), Sergio Gonzalez (Deportivo La Coruna), Juan Carlos Valeron (Deportivo La Coruna), Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona)
Strikers: Francisco De Pedro (Real Sociedad), Alberto Luque (Real Mallorca), Fernando Morientes (Real Madrid), Raul Gonzalez (Real Madrid), Joaquin Sanchez (Real Betis), Diego Tristan (Deportivo La Coruna).

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Only 3 barca players in the squad...thats dissapointing, then again Puyol and Xavi are the only players that deserve to be in there from Barca. Hopefully with the amount of young spaniards coming up from Barca B we can improve on our international service.
do u forget LE21 Mulgo...:eek:
and i think that if pep was not injured he will be there...but iam sad coz Sergi is not there...
do u forget LE21 Mulgo...
I do apologise, my mistake.
but never the less 3 players in the international squad isnt enough in my opinion for a club of Barca's stature...either we dont have many good players or we are neglecting the fact that were a spanish club!!!

anyone like I said in terms of spanish talent the future looks auspicious for Barca
This is the best spanish squad I have ever seen...

If they don`t play Raul that much in thisn years world cup I really believe Spain have a chance...

There are some excellent strikers in the squad and Raul he only managed to score 14 in la liga and he was assisted by Figo,Zidane and Carlos...Tristan would have scored 40 atleast...

Remember he has been substituted a few times and injured as well and still managed to score 21 !!!! True class.

Raul isn't as much of a striker; he participates in many more goals than he scores. For example, both of Madrid's goal plays in el Camp Nou were started by him...
You mean he is like Kluivert ????

Kluivert played even deeper and scored 4 goals more...

He scored 14 goals in Real assisted by Carlos,Figo and Zidane what`s wrong with him ???????????????????

I `am still glad cause he plays for Real...Still he scored a great goal against us in the sf of this years cl.

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