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Soso, Stimac, Sinovcic

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what's in common here? No, not that all of their last names begin with the letter s, but none of these guys have a FIFA liscense to be agents/managers, yet they are so involved in the transfer of players :doh:

Such players as Ante Rukavina, Danijel Subasic, Mirko Hrgovic, Goran Sablic and others are represented by these clowns.

Because they are not FIFA approved, they shouldn't be allowed to deal with transfers or have contracts with players

We all heard the stories of Eintracht Frankfurt and Rukavina/Soso, you don't think Frankfurt spread that news around? It's not hard to see how professional clubs from abroad don't want to deal with these people

Btw, here is a list of all the agents in Croatia (FIFA approved), Domagoj Bilic is Slaven's brother, Dario Knezevic is the highest profile player in the agency and the Sharbini brothers as well. Mario Mamic is also FIFA approved :D
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I believe it's Damir Stimac.
Yeah, Srna is Stimac's player, 100%. And I mean Igor :D
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