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I'm a Lazio fan but something happend in the Lazio forum what really shouldn't happen.
A guy called Nick54 said(to pool_till_i_die) that the Lazio forum was only for Lazio fans. Thats not true.
You are all welcome and you shouldn't take these kind of guys serioulsly.
Most of the Lazio fans are nice guys but guys like Nick54 just give us a bad reputation.

Sorry once again.
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hey mate cheers but you don't need to appologise for him. We all know that he does not speak for the majority and the fact is that I recieved a lot of support for you guys in that debate anyway.
I mean there is always going to be an idiot but I must say that the Lazio forum seems to have improved beyond recomendation and I think that it is really cool and noble of you jooso but don't worry I know that this was an isolated incident.
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