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But I was touched by the reactions from the Lazio players when R9 was injured.

And as Paul Mettewie on the Inter mailing list wrote:
"The reaction of all on the field when the injury
happened was immediate. Alessandro Nesta
of Lazio immediately raised his arms and called
for medical help, even though Ronaldo was
barely down.

Zanetti and Panucci came over and tried to comfort
him, but ended up having to be comforted
themselves, holding their heads in shock and
wandering in circles with a stunned look. Marcello
Lippi almost staggered around the field holding his
head in his own arms in obvious shock and sadness.

Ivan Zamorano crouched over Ronaldo, holding
the poor young man's hand as medical personnel,
led by Inter's team doctor sought to put him on
a stretcher to take him to a waiting ambulance.

This horrible vision of the prostrate Inter striker
lying on the small medical vehicle surrounded by
red-jacketed medical personnel from Lazio and
by Inter's doctor and trainers.

A stadium of 35,000 shocked into silence. Virtually
all that could be heard were the cries of the
agonized Ronaldo and the hurried yells of
medics as they tried to both carefully and quickly
aid the stricken star."

Sad, sad day for Ronaldo, his family, Inter, Italian and international soccer.

Lets hope he recover


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When I received the phone call..Emotional Silence..My mother who is a proud INTER fan could not express how proud she was to see the reactions from fans and player of LAZIO..
Thanx for support..
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