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Just Read a thread about ventola that´s just sad what this guy is going through but anyway i just wanted to know how Sorondo was Doing is he playing or is he benched

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Hello there, you want to know about Sorondo eh? ;)

ok, here's his appearance record for Palace this season....

21-09-2004 English League Cup C Palace 2-1 Hartlepool
25-09-2004 English Premier Aston Villa 1-1 C Palace
04-10-2004 English Premier C Palace 2-0 Fulham
23-10-2004 English Premier C Palace 3-0 West Brom
27-10-2004 English League Cup Charlton 1-2 C Palace
30-10-2004 English Premier Birmingham 0-1 C Palace
06-11-2004 English Premier C Palace 1-1 Arsenal
18-12-2004 English Premier Man Utd 5-2 C Palace
26-12-2004 English Premier C Palace 0-1 Portsmouth
28-12-2004 English Premier Tottenham 1-1 C Palace

He was in the starting XI for the two league cup games and came on as sub in the games up to and including Birmingham, where he played the whole 2nd half.
He made his 1st EPL start vs Arsenal and was rather impressive but he pulled a hamstring in that game and was ruled out for 5 weeks :wallbang:

When he returned from the injury he went straight into the starting XI and played 3 games in a row. He missed the game on saturday vs Fulham with a "tight" hamstring, hopefully just a precaution, and with a bit of luck he'll play tomorrow against Villa :smileani:

From what I've seen of Gonzalo he looks quite useful, comfortable with the ball at his feet, likes a bit of a dribble and a burst upfield.
He's a tall lad, but he was outjumped when Portsmouth scored their goal from a corner.In his last game at Spurs he was again pretty impressive.

The manager must have faith in his ability as he's selected him ahead of team captain Toni Popovic for the last 3 games.

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