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I just read this on Football 365 and find it pretty amusing...

The Worst Article Ever Written?
For wit, imagination and new insights, there's only one place to go today (Clue: it's not Media Watch). Anyway, check out one Ian Jones' truly pathetic efforts on the BBC Sports website

"Ian Jones investigates the impact of modern technology on football journalism," reads the intro. WAP technology? Webcams, perhaps? Video streaming? No, some new fangled thing called a word processor! And, unbelievably, it's over 500 words long.

"The role of the humble typewriter in the everyday work of the average football journalist has been superseded by the word processor. Almost all of today's newspapers are put together on computers, and all but the most Luddite of football writers have fallen prey to the advancement of technology."

Ian obviously realised that even this amazing news wasn't going to fill up all that space. What to do? Like a flash, he hits upon the idea of typing footballers' names in and seeing what the spell-checker suggests. Brilliant, if almost totally unoriginal. And the rest, almost literally, writes itself.

"Take for instance Middlesbrough's midfield general Paul Ince – the self-styled Guv'nor, a quick press of F7 and the on-board dictionary fails to recognise the name, coming up with nice and mince as alternatives."

Wait for it, wait for it... "Any player who's tangled with Ince and come off the worse for wear may dispute the first one, and surely the number seven would probably take umbrage at the second alternative himself."

Is this the most shameless space-filler ever?
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