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Someone is jealous of Arsenal's upcoming title

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Read this:
They should reserve Spurs fans from writing about Arsenal ;)
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Danny Baker is a Millwall fan ;)

And this is very tounge in cheek ;)
He only writes comedy :)
Having read Danny Baker's columns, and seen his videos etc, he NEVER EVER praises Arsenal. And I mean never. Possibly being a fan of Millwall has hardened him into hating all clubs that succeed (sorry, NOLU). Maybe he grew up in a time when Arsenal won something for the first time in 17 years (1970 EFC). Or maybe he jumps on every bandwagon going, and has declared himself an ardent Man Utd fan, since Millwall never achieve anything (again, sorry NOLU, don't hurt me).
Yeah, I read this last night - Baker really is a mug. Remember his affiliations with Chris Evans and Gazza?
Had to laugh.

Baker's attempt at journolisum was pathetic. Instead of making a point that argue boths sides, he just proceeded to emphasize his bitterness and utter stupidity.

If Millwall were ever to win the Premiership, then im sure he would soon change his tune.

Danny Baker, you are one morose f*ck.
when u think about it he sounds like a typical english journalist really ;)

like the press that slander the english cricket team!!
Y'see....peeps are probably going to wonder why I'm saying this, but heregoes......

I don't mind Danny Baker.

There....I feel cleansed. Sure he's an Arsenal hating fuk, and he did hang around with Ginger and Fat Boy for longer than the permitted five minutes without learning to hate them in that time....but y'know.....I kinda think his radio shows alright.

While I agree with everyone that this particular article is soaked in so much bitterness......I just can't bring myself to dislike Danny Baker......pretty much because his opinion on football isn't that relevant. It's like one of us telling AW his job. He'd probably pat us on the head with such a look of pity in his eyes......you get the picture.


One time, my cousin Walter got a cat stuck in his a$$
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