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Someone has to carry the can.

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Bayer Leverkusen last night clinched a place in thjs seasons Champions League Final to be played at Hampden Stadium in Glasgow.

Whilst I am delighted that the excercise has shown that fans like me can still dream i.e A team with no "superstars", a 23,000 capacity stadium and not steeped in domestic success can still make it to a major final despite UEFA's best attempts to pander to the large guns the point remains that Manchester United who are without question the most succesful and at most times entertaining team in Britain in the last 10 years have some explaining to do.

Most people perceive United to be the biggest or at least in the top 3 as a club and even by EPL standards they spend big. The outlay of *£27 million on Juan Sebastian Veron and £17 million on Ruud Van Nistelrooy were designed to enhance Uniteds european chances (no one doubts their ability at home) and secondly send a message to Madrid, Milan, etc that they were serious players in European football.

The problem last night (and it's one that can very very rarely be pointed at Sir Alex's side) was that Leverkusen looked hungrier to me, to coin a phrase "they wanted it more". I was left thinking to many guys looked spent. Giggs, Scholes, Van Nistelrooy even Keane was quiet for long periods although you know if anyone can summon up that extra 10% he is that man and after 28 minutes it looked like he had repeated his feat of Turin by scoring the goal which at that point was taking United to Glasgow.

I do not in any way want this post to look like a pop at Man Utd especially since my details list Arsenal as a favourite team, (this is due to some of their play this season when Pires and Henry were shredding defences left, right and centre) but I'm sure that Man Utd fans will be thinking today "I can't believe we have not won that tie over two legs" and someone has to take the blame.

Who would you point the finger at?
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I'm not a Manure lover, as you can probably see from my the team i support. But apart from the players not seeming to give their all, most of the blame has to go to Alex Ferguson. This might be stretching it but the blame goes right back to the purchase of Veron. He's an absolutely brilliant player but why did Manure ever buy him? They had undoubtedly the best midfield in Europe with Beckham, Keane, Scholes and Giggs. Why mess that up? Ferguson should've spent the money on another defender to partner Stam. But then he went and fell out with Stam and sold him. Ok, so Brown's good but he's not the finished articly like Stam was, and Brown is injury prone. Ferguson should've just spent big in defence because that is their weak point. I seriously think that with another two world class defenders Manure would've won the PL and CL. It has been their defence that has let them down all season, such as last week when they conceded two goals at home. The result last night wasn't that bad concidering. But manure lost it at home.
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Alex Ferguson is the man to blame, it is probably his worst season in charge of Manure. Not by getting the results, but by his tactical decisions.

Manure looked like a team that had been their and done it in the season 2000/01. I think Ferguson thought the team wanted new players to bring in new ideas. (When really a new manager was needed to bring in new ideas)

But it wasn't a midfielder that United wanted, it was a goalscorer and Nistlerooy proved that.

Veron interupted the great midfield of Giggs, Keane, Scholes, Beckham. Veron needs to play in his best position to play good, and that means taking Scholes out the team, and United miss Scholes if they take him out.

£28,000,000 on Veron or £30,000,000 on two world class defenders?

If Ferguson bought 1 or 2 world class defenders instead of Veron, then United would have kept the League championships and IMO they would have won the European CL.

United have a perfect attack in Solskjaer, Nistlerooy
They already had a midfield that didn't need to be changed.

What United need and still need is a defence/ if they sorted out their defence, they would be no doubt be better than Arsenal.

But sadly next year will be different, because Utd are at their best the season after they don't win anything.

-They are still scum-
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On the back of the original subject of this post Wednesday nights defeat makes it even worse.

Man Utd having bought RVN for approx £17m and smashing the British transfer record with SEBA for £28m were facing a season with no trophies but at least they had the chance to back up claims that they were the best by slowing down and maybe derailing Arsenals title challenge by stuffing them at The Theatre. From reading the Man Utd forums it was clear almost all of their fans whilst fearing the title had gone were confident they could at least go out with their heads high especially after learning the gunners would be without Adams, Bergkamp and most significantly Henry.

What followed must have got Sir Alex wishing he had opted for retirement. A 1-0 defeat, SEBA hooked, rampant indiscipline, and the damning statistic of one shot on target in the second half and that was in the very latter stages. Ferguson must have been volcanic with rage but in the immediate aftermath was composed and admitted that this season Wengers troops were worthy champions.

If I appear harsh it's only because United have been the benchmark in EPL by a mile and you just cant believe that this group of players would show so little in a Malaysian friendly never mind a game with so much significance.

I expect The Red Devils to roar back next season but will be interest to see their personnel by that stage.

p.s. Anyone want to pool together some cash to buy Forlan a goal? :D
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