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I will give my say on every rumor :

Crespo he is Lazio player:)
Overmars - he is not goino to come (we have Nedved and Conceicao):)
Jugovic - he stays in Inter whit Vieri
Trezeguet - he is Juve player
Figo - he will stay at Barca
Rivaldo- we do not need him and he will stay at Barcelona:)
Angel- i hope he will come

Ballota -gone to Inter:mad:
Almeyda-going to Parma He did not want to play for us
Salas - going to Parma :mad:
Baronio- he stays with us
Pancaro and ***** they are not going anywher
Boksic-He said no to Galatasaray

It is going to be great team next season.:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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