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which are the top books about fotball?
i don´t know that many that are really good, but these are the best i know.

1.fever pitch, nick hornsby (it´s just brilliant, like the way he sulks when his girlfriend says he´s gonna stay at home and take care of the children while she goes to the game. who´s topdog?)

2. favourite year (about english fotball from a group of different writers. like roddy doyle writes about irelands world cup 1990 and so on)

3. perfect pitch by simon cuper (it´s a cool gathering about the european championships 1996 as well as a gathering of different writers.with some great stories)

4. åshöjdens bk (for all of you who hasn´t read this series of books. read them! it´s a wonderful story about the little team who goes all the way to topleague)

5. high fidelity, nick hornsby (it´s not about fotball, but in some ways it still is. it´s got a fotboll rythm and evolves around life, music,women from a "fotball point of view")

6. foreign pitch, simon cuper (fairly good but pretty much a repeat of perfect pitch)

7. ran out of ideas.

i don´t really know any more. it´s hard to find writers about fotboll. maybe the game itself doesn´t admit to writing? on the other hand i would like read more about fotboll from good writers who focus on the players, tactics, pressure, mentality mm, rather than a descrition of the game.

well, anyway if you know any good books for summer reading, let me know.


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I' ve read a good book recently.
Although it was old ( 1980) it gave some really nice view on the game.
It ananised everything what has to do with the game, every little aspect. Really fantastic!

I forgot the name and I got a rendez- vous now, so I'll look it up and mention te name in my next post.

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