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I have some here, and if you have any others, pls post them here, thanks.
Liverpool FCs:
(Lverpool Official Web Site) http://www.leverpoolfc.net
(Koptalk) http://www.koptalk.co.uk/index2.html
(Kop News) http://www.kopnews.f2s.com/
(Anfield Online) http://www.anfield-online.co.uk/
(Walk On) http://www.walkonlfc.cjb.net/
(Timbo's Goals) http://www.timbosgoals.co.uk/
(TeamTalk) http://www.teamtalk.com/
(SKY Sports Football) http://www.sky.com/sports/football/
(Daily Soccer) http://www.dailysoccer.com/
(SoccerNet) http://www.soccernet.com/euro2000/
(FootballFC) http://www.footballfc.com/
(FootballNews) http://www.footballnews.co.uk/home.page
(Carling Net) http://www.fa-carling.com/home.html
(Eurosoccer) http://www.eurosoccer.com/
(Football Unlimited) http://www.footballunlimited.co.uk/
(Football 365) http://www.football365.co.uk/

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