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well i'm a Gunners fan from Holland i followed them all the season long but after that i kindda slipped away from transfers etc.

You seem to have listed many players:
Mendez, ok he suckes and will go on-loan again
Luzhny, why??? he has been good i think last season. i know he is non-Eu but why not sell... well ok i understand
Winterburn, moved to WHU
Sukér, Also moved to WHU
Wreh, don't even bother
Vivas, HaHa
And the rest

Overmars will probaly leave to Italy now Pires has signed

Also wen is Dixon retirering??? and who will be his succesor

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i think dixon may play on to another season, though next season will definitely be his last
lauren can play at rb but i think wenger will use him as backup for pires/parlour on right wing (or will overmars and pires swap flanks?) or as rotation with dixon
luzhny i think should keep, and play him at rb
thats wat wenger bought him for, so stop using him as centre half
i dont think overmars will go to italy
i HOPE he doesnt go :mad:
if he does
hope he goes to roma :D

Inspite of some of romas players they would probably be the best choice. In the annals of italian football they must surely be unique, an attacking team. But this is all academic anyway.

Dixon will definatley be involved next season to some extent, since he had his contract renewed this year, wenger seems to want to keep these old buggers around (he said affectionatly) he tried to keep bould and winterburn, so dixon may stay even an additional year.

Luzny played poorly generally last year, particularly at right-back, that's why he was pushed inside, where he would be less likely to play people onside, and would come under the steading guidence of an experienced hand in adams or keown. He may be given another year to try and adapy, or not, guess we'll see.

Pires coming, does not mean overs will necessarily go, don't believe everything you read in the arsenal hating press.
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