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Latest rumours indicates that Rui Costa (offensive midfield genious) will stay at fiorentina next season. (I prefer he stay there and not go Milan)

Supossed that: If Parma cant get Rui Costa or any other playmaker (as Aimar, Riquelme, Alex): Probably Micoud play as our playmaker so... i think Parma will must sign a new left winger like Jorgensen (sorry but i dont believe in Vanoli).

Micoud/Any playmaker
Crespo--Di Vaio/Amoroso

I knew that J. Micoud was playing whit French National Team against Japan and Marruecos in a friendship tournament, and probably will play Euro 2000.

Will be enough J.Micoud as playmaker in our team?

Is it true that Parma have signed Husain and Appiah?

I have good expectatives whit Appiah. What do yo think?...We know that he wasnt playing last season for a injure..If Almeyda comes we dont need Husain.

Finally Someone has information about curriculum, performance and stactics of Parma players?...attached me a file...
[email protected]
Thank..FORZA PARMA and Napoli¡

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Micoud played really bad for France against Croatia and Marocko, so I don´t really trust for the moment.
Appiah was superb 2 seasons ago, but because of his illness I don´t know what to expect really. But if he can come back in good form he will take a starting place.

I don´t trust Vanoli either and Jörgensen is a good option if we can get him to defend and not just go forward.
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