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Some Posters to Give Out

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Just cleared part of my luggages from Hong Kong.. found some posters (most about A3 size) from those soccer magazines I'd bought back there.

- 1X Luis Figo in Real Madrid jersey
- 1X Dennis Bergkamp in Arsenal jersey
- 1X Emmanuel Petit in Barca jersey
- 1X Marc Overmars in Barca jersey
- 1X Sheringham in ManU jersey/ Boksic in Middlesborough jersey [back to back]
- 1X David Beckham in ManU jersey/ Oliver Kahn in Bayern Munich jersey [back to back]

Since I'm no longer interested in keeping them, you can have these for free if you're interested. I'll give xtratime amigos the priority before I start posting this message in my local classifieds and forums.

If you're interested in having any of these, you gotta send me a self-addressed envelope (stamps with enough postage, please!) telling me which poster(s) you want so I can send it back to you. (Self-addressed ones of course! You can fold them into a postcard sized envelopes if you can and send to me) Envelopes should preferably be A4 size or larger or else I'll have to fold these posters further to accomodate it. My country's Singapore [South-east Asia] and you should send it to:

Soccer Poster
Blk 56 Sims Drive
Singapore 380056

Posters are given out on a first-received (by me)-first send basis. Only a simple apology if you receive no posters in your envelope you've sent. Or you might wanna check with me first before you send out.
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Thanxs for such generous offer..Im not interested, nevertheless you're a great sport and Im sure some of the regulars here will jump at your unseen offer once this thread gets re-activated.

GrassyAss ;)
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