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After the U-17 team miss in this years qualification for the Asian u-17 championship, I was starting to thinking about the former u-17 teams that had been playing in the world cup. From that thinking I decided to find out what happened to the players from the squad that participated in the 2001 world cup in Trinidad & Tobago.

Most players I found out about, but there were some that was difficult to find any info on. So I was wondering if someone knew what happened to the following players and how their soccer future looks like:

Anthony Danze:

Central midfielder in 2001, also featured in the World Youth Championship in 2003.

After he left Crystal Palace last November I havn't heard anything about him. I was wondering if someone else knows if he has found him self a new club or if he still is a free agent?
After what I've seen of him he should be good enough for an A-League club.

Darren Broxton:

Defensive midfielder in the 2001 squad.

Was signed for Southampto in 2001, but went back to ECU Joondalup in 2003 or 2004. After that I wasn't able to find anything about him. Is he still playing soccer and will he be good enough to play in the A-league?

Fred Agius:

Left or attacking midfielder in the 2001 squad.

Returned to soccer in 2003 after being gone for some months. Last time I saw anything about him he was on loan from Adelaide Utd to Playford Patriots in the spring/summer of 2004. But now I can't seem to find any info about him. In my eyes he was clearly a future Socceroo, has he left soccer for the second time?

Ben Stevens:

Right winger in the 2001 squad.

Signed by Scottish Giants Glasgow Rangers in

Then released After a season or two, since that I never heard of him again. Looked quite promising back the, but he should have stayed back home and played in the NSL. Since there has been quiet around him for some years now I was wondering if he had retired?

Sean Walsh:

Striker in the 2001 squad, also played some matches on the wing.

Last time I checked he was released from Northern Spirit in the summer of 2003. Did for sure not live up to the promise that made him a part of he 2001 squad, is he still playing soccer?

Matthew Engele

Striker in the 2001 squad.

Was first signed by Chievo in Serie A before he moved to Dundee in Scotland. Was released ther and Signed for Blacktown City Demons in January 2004. After the it's been quiet around him. He was one I thought for sure was going to have a decent career in pro-soccer. Does he still play and is he capable of reeching A-league standard?

Matthew Hunter:

Central Defender of Left back in the 2001 squad.

After leaving Northern Spirit in January 2004, He signed for Bonyrigg White Eagles, since then I heard a rumour that he signed for Sutherland Sharks in j2005. Since he was a regular starter at Northern Spirit I find it strange that he wasn't signed by a A-league team. In my eyes he was for sure good enough for the NSL in 2004. Is it true that he signed for Sutherland Sharks, and is he capable of returning to the highest domestic level?
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