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For a while the main sprts newspaper of Sao Paulo,Gazeta Esportiva ,is choosing the best all time teams of Brazil, Coritnhians, santos , Sao Paulo and now Palmeiras:
To put an abest all time teams of these teams is very difficult. I mean people put Flacao in the first team of Brazil and left Zico out, when Zico ws the symbol of that generation. Also in the Corinthians team, Marcelinho is not in it:( and so on etc...etc...etc.
The line ups with its percentage of votes are the following:

Brasil A:
1-Gilmar 47,2%

2-Djalma Santos 45,1%
3-Domingos da Guia 50,8%
4-Djalma Dias (he's the father of Djalminha!) 40,4%
6-Nilton Santos 56,0%

11-Falcão 68,8%
8-Didi 60,4%
5-Gérson 29,2%
10-Pelé 96,8%

7-Garrincha 87,4%
9-Leônidas 30,6%

Brasil B:

1-Leao 18,7%

4-Carlos Alberto Torres 35,3%
3-Bellini 13,6%
2-Piazza 12,6%
6-Roberto Carlos 18,0%
10-Zico 28,8%
8-Sócrates 14,0%
9-Rivelino 27,6%
5-Ademir da Guia 22,0%

11-Romário 21,6%
7-Jairzinho 20,0%


1-DIDA - 46,76%

2-ZÉ MARIA - 91,34%
6-GAMARRA - 51,22%
3-AMARAL - 23,15%
4-WLADIMIR - 69,87%

11-RINCÓN - 9,90%:(
5-VAMPETA - 6,71%
10-RIVELINO - 21,22%
8-SÓCRATES - 21,24%

9-BALTAZAR - 31,75%
7-CLÁUDIO - 21,01%

Funny that Rivelino had more votes for Brazil than for Corinthians!!:)And Rincon's inclusion is a very big surprise!

1-Gilmar - 63,46%

4-Carlos Alberto - 89,24%
2-R. Delgado - 53,75%
6-Djalma Dias - 41,01%
3-Rildo - 69,77%

8-Zito - 74, 51%
5-Clodoaldo - 71,15%
11-Mengálvio - 69,90%
7-Giovanni - 56,71%(the one that plays in Greece)

9-Coutinho -61,22%(best partership of all time- Pele and Coutinho)
10-Pelé -100,00%

this one they gave the full result, but i'm only putting the winners

1-Zetti 46.89%

2-Cafu 74.52%
4-Dario Pereyra 43.16%
3-Oscar 31.81%
6-Serginho 46.89%

5-Falcao 9.83%
8-Gerson 17.89%
10-Rai 22.58%
11-Pedro Rocha 17.82%

9-Careca 37.58%
7-Muller 24.97%

Its funny that Leonidas makes the all time brazilian team, and does not make the Sao Paulo all time!

The voting for the pigs is underway at http://www.gazetaesportiva.com.br . I bet they'll have the WORSE team of all:)

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How come Giovanni is SO high at Santos?

I have to say that I really dislikec him when he played for Barca.Strangely enough,he came to a club I completely hate (Olympiakos) and I loved him...

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that's because Bobby Robson and Van Gaal totally wasted his talent.
YOU missed him in the 95 Brazilian championship, he was completely AMAZING. He showed up in the scene and 2 months later he was already in the starting line up of the Brazilian team (he got the position BEFORE Rivaldo, who only got a place in the WC)! Remember taht he got signed straight to Barcelona to partern Ronaldo. Pity their manager was Bobby Robson, cause if it was somebody better, they would win everything.....and they only ended with a Cup winners cup!

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Giovanni is still a great player and I want him to stay one more year t Olympiakos so I thoroughly enjoy his talent,then move to a great team as he deserve.I really hope he makes his way into the Brazilian team...he got a call early this year but soon after he was seriusly injured...still,he can fight back!

Personally,do YOU like him ZE?


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I liked his style when he played in Santos, it was very similar to Rai's when heplayed in Sao Paulo in 91-92-93. After the went to Barcelona and being instructed by bad managers (although famous) his football dropped and became so boring.
It will be difficult for him to get back to the Brazilian team, specially playing so far away from teh lime light. Nobody in Brazil watches Greek football, and Giovanni had his chance last year with Luxemburgo. Luxemburgo told him: "wake up now, or that's it, I can't afford to gamble so much on you". And he did not wake up:(
And now with loads of midfielders coming trough, it will be very difficult for him. Juninho, Ricardinho, Alex, Ze Roberto are all ahead of him.
Giovanni is in the same situation as Junionho (boro), they all had great names in brazil, but European football brought their reputation down. the best thing for those 2 to do is to come back to Brazil, but then again their wages are too expensive for what they present at the moment, and putting some yougnsters will be much better for any club, specially financially wise!
But i do like his football a lot, specially when he is insipired. I would have prefered hiim in the WC to Leonardo! But Zagallo put all his friends in the line up...what an idiot!:(

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i have to say that this team would never lose,according to me this is an unstoppable team.
djalma dias was the father of djalminha,i didn't know that!!
was he really that good,to play in the first team?
i would defenitely drop leonidas and put jarzinho on that position,he was better...
carlos alberto should have played in the first team aswell.
but i think both teams are very good,if all the players would be active now they would win the wc very easy!!!!!

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Leonidas is better....and Jairzinho owuld conflict with garrincha on the right. Between Garrincha and Jairzinho their is no point in arguing...Garricnha is 20000000 miles better than Jairzinho.
Romario is better than Jairzinho also!:)

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ze,what do you think about carlos alberos chances to play in the first team?
he must be better than djalma dias..

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i h ave nver seen djalma dias play. but he was a defender and not a full back like callos ALberto.
NOw Djalma Santos was better than Carlos albertto in my opinion , and of most people of Brazil. Carlos Alberto is more famous worldwide cause of the 70 title, along with jairzinho.
Once i guy in England almost fought with me saying tah jairzinho was better than Garricnha...when clearly he doesn't stand a chance!
BY the way in the Brazil voting, all the so called experts put only 3 names as unanimity: Pele, Garrincha and Nilton Santos :)

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djalma santos is a legend nobody can take his place,not even carlos alberto but i thought he may could play on djalma dias possition but like you said he's a fullback and is regulary playing on djalma santos possition,so this time he have to play in the second team..
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