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To be honest, we could have ended all this drama atleast two weeks ago I believe.... here are my views on the games we should have taken maximum points:

Parma-Inter 2-2 (we are leading for most of the match, and Inter concede a goal in the 87th minutes, this should have been three points)

Udinese-Inter 1-1 (Inter dominate and lead, but then in the end get a red card and a penalty against us, they scored in the 88th minute, should have been 3 points)

Inter-Chievo 1-2 (very poor defending, this is a home game, a game Inter should win. Ronaldo-Vieri-Recoba, still missed a load of chances, this should have been 3 points)

Venezia-Inter 1-1 (We are leading, but then again, we get a penalty against us, a non-existent. When we took the lead, we started to put all men behind ball.... big mistake, 3 points)

Inter-Torino 0-0 (I mean, this should have been 3 points, unfortunately 1, jsut because of poor finishing)

Inter-Atalanta 1-2 (This was just crazy, this is a game Inter should win, this should have been 3 points)

Chievo-Inter 2-2 (This was the defeat(draw) which hurt me most, cruising to a victory thanks to Dalmat and Ronaldo, and then against, 92nd minute, bad defending, 3 points)

In these 7 games, Inter collected 5 points, I think Inter should have collected 21 points here. Then we would have, right now 85 points. It does sound to good, but if we could collect half those points, lets say 10 points, we would be at 74 points, and the title would already be in our hands, before this last game...

But, Im optimistic, we will win this title,, altough I belive we could have been superior in the table, we will only win with a point.

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