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Some help please!

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Fiorentina have signed romanian Niculae, can someone fill me in on this guy?

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1) How sure are you they signed him, I heard rumors that Milan is close to getting him as is Fiorentina, but nothing official. Plus a representitive from Milan is coming to watch Niculae in the Romanian Cup Final this weekend. Can you tell me your source, reliabliliy, etc.

2) If this is true, you will have yourself possibly the next best Romanian striker. Gazetta Dello Sport dubbed him as the only current Romanian youngster to excel past Adrian Mutu's expectations. Nicolae has 13 goals in the Romanian League this season, which is a lot considering he only began starting games midway through the season after the departures of Adrian Mutu and Jean Vladoiu (18 & 12 goals respectively). He then became the main attraction of Dinamo Bucuresti. He posess great dribbling skills despite being tall. On top of that he has a "Bierhoff" type header. Hopefully Batigol will stick around to teach this guy a few tricks and he may become a beloved one at Fiorentina.

3) Here is a description of Nicolae made in the youth section from www.footballtransfers.co.uk :

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>Name: Marius Niculae
Current Club: Dinamo Bucharest
Date of Birth: June 15, 1981
Position: Forward
Comment: Before Adrian Mutu and former Romanian international Jean Vladoiu left Dinamo, Marius Niculae was mostly a substitute. Now he is the main attraction, and everyone expects him to make the two forgotten. Although he is both tall and strong, Niculae also possesses good dribbling skills. He found the net on his debuts for both the U-21 team and the senior squad. This winter he was the target of Lecce (Seria A), but he refused to sign for them when the club presented him with a contract he did not understand and pressured him to leave Dinamo right away and not in the summer like first agreed. The Italian sports paper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” recently said that Fiorentina would really like to get his signature.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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In Gazetta dello sport yesterday there was this article: Fiorentina - Resta Toldo, parte Cois.... Well, it also basically said that Niculae would arrive in Firenze, and that he favoured a move to Fiorentina. (my italian is not so great, but I'm trying :))
However, same guy wrote today in Gazzetta that Fiorentina will send someone to watch Niculae on Saturday (cup final perhaps?)
So I'm not so sure anymore. We'll have to wait and see.

Latest news about Niculaie in Romanian media: besides AC Milan's officials coming to watch Niculaie at the Cup final, Fiorentina will send Antognoni and another guy to watch him. There will also be a whole bunch of scouts for several others players like Cl. Niculescu, Dragomir, Sava, Haldan, Niculaie, Dragan, Nastase, Fl. Petre, Mara etc.

EclipsE, have you seen Hagi's interview in today's edition of Prosport?

David: Nope, I only get the internet version, so I only get to read what's on the front page. :(

I read something similar at http://www.dailysoccer.com/news/text/done/20000512/mdf42400.html

Is it the same thing??

If it's not what else did he say that's important?

PS Too bad Farul got relegated eh? It looked like Brasov surely was going to go :(

Yeah, Farul relegated. :(
But, do you know how much money got Onesti for beating us? Between 3000 and 8000 $ a player and for a normal home win they usually get 500$!!! (I wonder why???)

Plus, Farul scored first in the 5th minute. Then in the 39th minute Nita was sent off. He was the last def, but he wasn't, he was on the same line with other two Farul players.

In the 47th minute, Parvu from Onesti scores. :( He didn't play football the whole year, and he plays now for the whole year!!! (I still wonder why).

In the 82nd minute, Tudor executes a free kick, hits the bar, Barbu hits the ball with the head and into the net. GOOOOOOOOLLL!! But NOOO!!! Goal cancelled by the ref because he didn't whisteled. That's his oppinion. :(

In the 90th minute a counter attack of Onesti and gol... :(

In the same evening Hagi was contacted by ProSport to say what he thinks about Farul relegation.

He said: "I'm dissapointed, of course, Farul is my favorite team. I grew up there and I'll finish there".

Then he made the interwiev you read. The difference is that the one he gave in Romania is more interesting.

He also said that this has nothing to do with Farul's relegation.

He declared that he won't come with the same pleasure at the national team and he might not return in the Romanian championship.

He also said that he will not play for the national team if the pres are going in the same plane with him with the Fed money. They done that till now.

He said many interesting things. The interview is pretty long and with many concise point of views. Try searching the Romanian newspapers on the net to see it all.

You should also see the replies.


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i hope all those players play a solid game in the cup final so the scouts would be impressed with the romanian players....then all of them will come to italy! :)
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