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Colocolo's unarguably the most dedicated poster in XT's history, something which has gone unrewarded so far.

We all know he single-handedly holds the power to make an entire forum look super active, but any new poster will freak out discovering it's only one dude, or just dismiss him as a spam-bot.

So I suggest admins let him make multiple accounts so the forum looks more welcoming.

I can just imagine how colocolo logs into all of his 20 accounts to greet a new poster in the Chilean forum:

"Welcome hermano!"
"Nice to see a new face!"
"Slick avatar hommie! Great to have you here!"
"Solid 1th post :thumbsup (1): Bienvenido!"

We all know the use of preventing multiple accounts. Peeps circumvent bans this way and can use them to troll or agree with their own opinions, but in colocolo's case, it would be straight up labor to make XT great again.

@colocolo What do you say brotha? Are you up to it?
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