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soccer starvation!

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hey ya'll,

just wondering how many people are for hajduk here?

i need to know the latest game results cos in australia they only show the english premier league and the italian league!
(totally unfair!) :mad:


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welcome to the board :)

you've got the net? look at some croatian sports websites and find out all about it.

Welcome to the forum!:cool:

Where in Australia are you from..........could it be another person from Melbourne?:)
Welcome to the board...man, we are being overrun by these Aussies....well, the bright side is that this one is a lady...:D
welcome ANA - i moj je krv bile boje Torcide -
if you want to see livescores:

They actually have live scores, croatian sites are usually few hours late (too hard to spend 5 minutes copying stuff from teletext)
Yeah Ana, stick with wolf here, he'll show you all the ropes, show you how to browse the net for news articles, he'll take you under his wing.

Match made in heaven;)
lol Ivo, I didnt even noticed that she signed with "Ana" ;-)...

anyway, another generally good site is

they have all Premiership results and reports plus even reports from other major leagues.

I will stop here, not to scare you off ;-)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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