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Soccer is number ONE !

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Soccer is by far the most popular sport in terms of participation of the four football codes, according to an Australian Bureau of Statistics survey.

Soccer finished well ahead of Australian football, with Rugby League a distant third and Rugby Union well behind in fourth spot, in the ABS Survey results.

Participation in Sport- ABS Survey Results

Sport - Adult Numbers - Junior Numbers - Total Nationally
Rugby Union - 45,500 36,900 82,400
Rugby League - 91,500 95,100 186,600
Soccer - 192,200 323,400 515,600
AFL - 188,000 174,400 362,400

Now only to get the crowd numbers up.... :rolleyes:
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Yeah this is no real surprise, what do you expect from the greatest spot in the world? :D

But too bad it just doesn't come together at higher age levels :(
Yeah this is no real surprise, what do you expect from the greatest spot in the world? :D

But too bad it just doesn't quite come together at the more important levels :(
yeah we know football(soccer) is oh so great but i don't want this thread to turn into another "Soccer is the only sports and all the other sports in the world (especially those Australia tends to be good at) are inferior/crap/boring/for boofheads/not international enough etc etc...." If this occurs then i will close the thread immediately ;) :fero: :stuckcup:

The reason why these figures are the way they are is that Soccer is the most national and widely accessible game. AFL dominates the southern states and always has (although they are strengthening their hold in both Sydney and Brissy and have always captured the hearts and minds of the indigenous Australians) while Rugby league's stronghold has always been NSW and Queensland (with the Melbourne Storm (exluding Canberra) the only team to be successfull on and off the field outside these two states)

As for Rugby, well they only have themselves to blame for not making enough of an effort to rid themselves of the "private schoo;" and "elitist" stigma. Whereas Soccer tends to be perceived as the ethnic game, Rugby is seen as a game for the upper classes in Oz and probably most other countries with the exception of New Zealand (where it is a religion and targeted at everybody and played in all the schools not just tje private ones). I also think the overemphasis on rules and the fact the game has not been professional for that long hasn't helped.

Unlike these other three sports, Soccer is played in everystate and in public and private schools alike. And of course the game is more familiar than others to newly arrived migrants so naturally the combination of these factors explains the higher crowd numbers

As Pao pointed out though the question is HOW to mroe of this untapped market to games? Revelations such as those on 4corners certainly don't help things :sigh: :moan: :depress:

BTW nice to see you back recently Pao :happy: :cool:
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