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So wich clud bids for Anelka?

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According to Daily Soccer a none-namned club has offered $29 millions for Nicolas Anelka at Real Madrid.

So wich club has done it?

I reckon Paris SG, Fiorentina or AC Milan. What do YOU think?
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I'm an Inter fan and I heared that it is not PSG who is bidding for Anelka, it's some Italyan club. Lazio is not for sure becouse you already have Crespo, AC Milan also have enough attackers, Inter too, but it could be Fiorentina!!!

FORZA Inter!!!!!!!!!
Only a stupid club who has a lot of money to spend.
I'm glad that we did not sign him :)
Hey Phenomen, we have anything but signed Crespo!!! There is still a good chance Crespo could stay at Parma!! And is it really a bad thing if Lazio buy Anelka for $29mil???? I would be over the moon if we bought him for that price!!

Look at Crespos price......$60mil + we need to give Parma a good attacker!! If we were the team that did this bid and we get Anelka for $29mil thats half of Crespos price!!

This guy is a great talent. Hes still only 21....Think about it everyone this deal would be great!!

But I doubt that Real would sell him for $29mil!!
Matador in the less tactiacal spanish leauge Anelka scored 1 goal, how many goals do you think he´ll score in Serie A ?? he scored 1 goal playing for Real Madrid :) !!

Might be he´s not as everybody thinks he is.
Hey Pierre, how can you be so sure that it aint Lazio that have made the bid??

I don't like us signing him but I got the fear that it COULD be Lazio...I dont think it is, but technically it could be...

Actually I think that Anelka scored two goals in the spanish league so I think he deserves alot more respect then you showed him, Svennis!

I still have my money on Fiorentina.

The guy is a troublemaker, I can't belive that any club wants to pay that much money for him. Everybody must know that signing Anelka is a risk. It could be a bullseye....but it might as well be a great fiasko.
Thank God,last year we couldn't sign for Anelka.Look what he did in madrid!!!A great player with bad attitude,what for??
Actually i hope it is juve who is trying to get him,but they have got trezeguet.(this shows how juve always follows our target:eek::eek::eek::eek:),
Yah but theres always exceptions!! Like look at Milosevic at Aston Villa and then at Zaragoza!!

But Anelka is still 21 and his time at Real Madrid was very hard!! I would much prefer Palermo though he dont have any euro experience!! Maybe he can have a first season like Salas!!

Why sign Anelka when we got Crespo and we have THE GREAT strikers ?? Lazio 100 % did not sign Anelka, cause they are not stupid to buy that kind of player (he sux), and they 100 % wouldn't sign two spain players.:p
$29 million for Anelka?? that's really waste of money. We don't need him, he might be great for Lazio but not anymore.
We don't need a player with such an attitude.
I think PSG.
I read it on eurofootbal.
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