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Where do I begin :googly:

Above all, we need to find someone who is competent in the driving seat. I really don't know who it should be, our standards are so low lately that even Domenech who came out of nowhere got a chance and he must have been the worst of them. It has to be someone with character, who has a vision of some kind, to get the players to move as a unit. I hate to say this, but we have something to learn from the Italians about this (even though they are completely fanatical about the national team coach and ready to stone him after one bad match).

Beyond that, we have a generation shift on our hands. Some players are being called just based on their past performance, that sends a very bad signal to everyone else. So the sooner we start the sooner we get it over with.

Coupet - Too old now, we need to find a goalkeeper who is around 30 (Landreau, Frey). I think he has been a bit unlucky, long in the shadow of Barthez and when it became his turn he made some mistakes. Not a bad performance, but not what we hoped for either.

Thuram - Thank you for everything. He should have been gone already some time ago, he's been sitting on the bench the past two years! Mexes should have replaced him sooner.

Sagnol - I don't mind him still being in the team. We don't have anyone who is a definite improvement. But he should not be starting based on his past, noone should.

Boumsong - He was never good enough.

Gallas - He's 30, he can have another 3-4 years depending on performance. Let's not repeat the mistake with Thuram, though.

Evra - His future is bright, since Monaco he has improved and we have the new Lizarazu finally.

Vieira - Only a newfound passion for football could convince me that he should still play. Like Thuram he's been a marginal player since Juventus.

Makelele - Too old, simple enough.

Malouda - He should not be a starter, win your place or gtfo.

Govou - Even though he too has been around "too long" I don't mind him. He's been a reserve all these years and on a good day he can be useful. Until someone else comes around that makes him obsolete...

Ribery - By all accounts he should be our new leader. It's up to the new coach to pick him (or someone else) for a role that is influential and has a heavy responsibility.

Anelka - Another historical player. They are only counter productive, because people (coaches included) remember what they used to be able to do rather than what they offer now. Get your career back on track or you're gone.

Henry - I'm sick of him. The last time he was a matchwinner for us was Euro2000. Since then, as the "top" forward who is expected to make a difference he has failed countless times, and especially when we needed it most. The notion of making him "the new leader" was stupid and didn't work. Scoring the only goal in this Euro is another confirmation. It isn't all his fault, it's when you expect too much from someone that this happens. It's kind of hard to argue that he should be dropped instantly, but either the new coach treats Henry as just another player on equal terms with the others, or he has to go for the good of the team. We can't have a player that causes the others to say "I know I didn't do anything, but I thought Henry would".

Trezeguet - He has been extremely ineffective. At the same time, his club career has been completely solid, and it doesn't take a genius to realize that a decent coach would have figured out how to let him reproduce that in the national team. Domenech publicly admitted that he has no clue and just dropped him, that was a rational decision from his point of view. But imagine if a coach had said the same thing about Zidane ("I don't care that he's the best, I don't know how to use him.") He's still only 30 and unlike Henry and Anelka his club career is NOT in decay.
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