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So...team complete! Here is next season's Parma

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Thuram - Baggio - F.Cannavaro
(Sartor) - (Torrisi) - (Bennarivo)

Conceicao - Almeyda - Micoud - Boghossian - Junior
(Fuser) - (Lamuchi) - (Bolano) - (Appiah) - (Falsini)

Milosevic - Amoroso
(Di Vaio) - (M'Boma)
(Bonazzoli) - (Montano)
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I really like your team. but you have the problem inter faced until this season. No italians. I dont know if you care about that. But n my opinion this is the italian league and Italians should be playing. In your line up only Cana and Buffon are italians.

Im glad inter fixed this problem

Anyway good luck next season. Your team is awsome
Awesome, looks great, can't wait for the season to start.

I think you're wrong. In defence we will play another italian, whether it will be Baggio, Torrissi or Sartor I don't know. I also think that Fuser will be giving Conceicao a run for his place. I think Parma will start at least 4 italians in average. How many will Inter start? What is your first team anyway?

_Brocchi__Di Biagio_Farinos_Zanetti_

From where I'm standing it looks like you will have only 3 italians... I'm nice enough to include a Vieri who's VERY injury prone and a Brocchi who is yet to prove that he is starting material. So really, all you got is Di Biagio. ;)

If we're going to include the subs you can see that 10 of them are italians while only 5 are not.
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You guys have a new fan here, I am a big fan of Savo and I know he will explode this year for Parma. I think that Parma is going to be the surprise of Serie A.
LA BOMBA!!!!!!!!!!!! What r u doing back? I thought Xtratime banned everyone from your domain. Anyways, it's godd to have you back bro! :)
COngrats on a great market guys.

About the Baggio thingee......i have always thought about playing as libero with his height.

I honestly think he can do it but he is at times a bit to violent.

With his passing though he can indeed make Parma all that more fluent
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