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Slovenia been kicked out of World Cup??!?!?

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I was told that last night on PTC, there was news that Slovenia had been thrown out of the world cup for 6 of their players testing positive for illegal substances. This is meant to result in Yugo facing Romania in a play off for Slovenia's spot. Has anyone else heard this and if so could you tell me the full story.:)
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It was also on it today, I'm not reading into this too much but would like to know if anyone else heard of this.

and where did you get these reports from?

www.dontbeleiveanythingiwrite.com ?

It was actually on the main serbian television broadcaster RTC (radijo telekom srbija), and as I said has any one else heard these reports.
Man, that's funny, tell me you didn't actually belive it!:D :D :D :D
No I didn't, I was asking a question to you people to see if anyone else had heard this and you would have realised this if you had read my post properly.
What could Slovenia possibly do to get kicked out of the World Cup? Even if players did get caught taking illegal substances, they would get punished, not the team. Was Juventus relegated to Serie B because of Davids? April Fools jokes are nice and all, but man, some people out there are too gullible.
the pretender

...keep dreaming :D
Even if Slovenia does get kicked out, Romania would take their spot
There goes your title for "longest posts in the world". :D
I guess this doesnt make any sense anymore.;)

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