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Skilled candidates vs Former Players/Legends as coaches

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Hey guys .. this Maradona as Argentina coach realy makes me wonder ...which direction football is taking . These dyas it seems as soon as a former player retires .. he's first choice to succeed the current coach when he's fired ..

Note : Tony Adams & Martin Keone @ Portsmouth...Maradona for the Argentina national team ...himself

Then they get hired vvery quickly ,sometimes to very tough and demanding Coaching jobs ..

some swim .. ( Rijkaard, Keane, Klinsman) others just drown ( Gullit, Dunga)

So what are your feelings to this ..?

Do Ex players make great managers/ coaches ?

IS earnng your stripes through years of learning your craft ..overrated and uneccasary..?

Or is this type of thing ...more about marketing and bosted sales and prestige ..in the shrt term ..?
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Managing a team is different cup of tea. Appointing legends is a short term gimmick. Just look at the last 10 world cup winning coaches. How many of them are star players barring Beckenbauer? For every Beckenbauer & Cruyff you have number of Scolaris, Lippis, Fergusons, Sacchis & Hitzfelds.

Basically you have to watch a lot of football(preferably going to the ground) & think about the game to be a manager. They might be state level matches, but watching the game is a must.
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