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Situation sucks :(

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Who else thinks it sucks to have it as a subforum?

Well, I wonder who doesn't think that...
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I agree with you Frank, it's somehow lost it's charm, I too would stand up against this decision, especially when all of the FM's mentioned were against it, makes you wonder why we have FM's anyway.........:rolleyes:
I cannot understand what has happened here, I think it is a very bad decision. The Bayern forum will suffer under this situation cause actually, it is much harder to find now and will hardly benefit from this new situation.
I am very suprised to be honest, I cant believe anyone who would have known the situation would act that way.

If they dont like that bayern and ajax were listed in a seperated section, I hope they will give German football an own section and give Bayern the normal forum back and not this subforum. We have more posts and traffic than actually other forum had when they were united to an own section.

The current situation, however, is hardly acceptable
Bayern forum a sub-forum:confused: ...why da hell did they do that?Its not a good decision @ all bcuz the bayern forum will suffer from it bcuz in my opinion all threads will be posted now in the German forum.
Instead og giving German football an own section ,and let Bayern have a seperate forum ,they now give us this subforum:depress: .....
plz FM's do something about that...its awful like this,real awful:mad:
Jesus, I thought I'm getting old too fast. I was scrolling up and down for quite some time searching for the Bayern forum. I felt like a rapidly aging idiot with eyes as bad as the eyes of that russian Wembley 66 linesman.:D

The subforum is no good idea. That suxx big time. I bookmarked the forums main page so I that could see if there's something new in the most important forums. I dont want to klick around for getting to the Bayern forum.
Guys.......i posted a thread in the Community Support forum about this matter....plz help by replying to that thread.
I felt like a rapidly aging idiot with eyes as bad as the eyes of that russian Wembley 66 linesman
:D :D

What's the reason though..not to much activity in the forum compared to the others or something??
this really sucks :( How can we get the forum back to it's normal position. This is an insult to Our beloved club! :mad:
Q80,show ur ambition to get the forum back to its normal situation by replying to the thread i posted at the community forum......we need to show them that this is unacceptable.....come on guys
Actually I think it's pretty pathetic that Germany and Holland are subforums whereas countries like Portugal and Turkey can be located at the start up page
I think Germany and Holland have given more in terms of World football than the likes of Turkey and Port.
and with this latest change making Bayern a sub sub forum I question the attitude of these decision makers. Bayern are a top european team whether you dislike it or not
show some respect and put it back
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