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Simone is Wronged

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Hi there...
I think that Simone inzaghi is wronged in
italy team coz they did take him in the national team from Dino Zo***f and i think
Simone can do many yhings like what happend
between marsilia...

Forza inzaghino;0

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Yes yes Pomagia,
that the wisely words about inzaghino..
Inzaghion can do better if he will get the chance.

Go Go junior Simone

Forza JUVE
What I mean "Michel" is that the ones who scores often and is in the top of the goalscoring league don´t make brilliant goals all the time. Look at for exampel Cole in MU he makes most of his goals puting in rebounds from the goalkeeper after a shot from one of his teammates. Or he gets a high pass from Beckham and he only has to put his head to the ball to score. Ofcourse he makes nice goals too. But not all the time.

I don´t mean that a player who runs from his own half and scores is better than a player that only scores on rebounds. But how many players have you seen who scores brilliant goals all the time? Defintly not Amoroso!

Forza Lazio
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I guess no Lazio fan here is anti-Inzaghino. But we shouldn't overrate him either! Yup he's still got some potentials and he can still improve very much!
But the fact remains that Inzaghino is the type of striker that most football fans don't enjoy watching...
Again, BUT, many of us find him more tolerable than his bro for the reasons Amo gave in his 1st reply to this topic, paragraph 2 (too lazy to quote, sorry ;) ). And that's that. Let's not overrate him 'coz it may just make him big-headed!
And that he wasn't called to the national team, it's for his benefit too actually. He needs some obstacles too! If everything is smooth-sailing, he'll become contented too soon! He's still young anyway.

Forza Lazio
I think Simone is a good, not great but good striker who is not scoring great goals often but neither does Salas.When did u see Salas score a brilliant goal?All his goals in WC1998 was rebounds from Zamorano's shots.I think though every team needs one player like him.However, he is certainly more attractive than his bro.When did Pippo scored goal like Simone's goal vs. Milan? Never! And he never will!!!
hey Ms.jena25..as u said if conte is a joke.. u are the funniest and the most stupid one in this site..so Behave ur self..and be kind with us..and take care of the subject.. coz i think the subject about (Simone inzaghi) not about Conte ur king ok u like or not i dont care he is ur king :(
when u try to say anything silly like u take care agian..

Juve big fan
I think Jena25 is not a girl and you should cut the attitude! Everyone's entitled to his/her own opinions! :(
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