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Simeone and the number 14 Posted May 26, 2000 - 11:10
by Mattias
Lazio's Diego Pablo Simeone has always played with the number 14
because the number 14 mean a lot to him.
Simeone: "When I scored my first goal as professional player I had
number 14 because I started the game on the bench, and the
reserves always had numbers from 12 and higher. Then I played with
Atl. Madrid with the number 14 and in the last league game when we
won the league I scored in the 14th minute. With Lazio this season I
scored in the 14th minute of the second half against Reggina. I had
a hard time to get the number 14 this season because Conceicao
scored many goals last season with this number but at the end I
convinced him to give me his number."

Simeone spoke also, from Argentina, about his favorite player: "I
think Lothar Matthäus is a great player. Maybe I will do like he did in
a couople of years, to play as libero. I always look at how Nesta
plays in the defence, but also how Sensini plays because he is
always very calm, and I want to learn from them."

Simeone's best memory from this season?
Simeone: "The Italian Cup final against Inter at San Siro was a magic
night for me. I would give my whole career to re-live that moment
again, because both Inter and Lazio fans sang the song about me.
That's something unforgettable."

At the end Simeone was Lazio's most important player.
Simeone: "I am happy to hear that but I don't think the magic by
Salas in the beginning should be forgotten. And not even Veron who
played great most parts of the season. And Inzaghi who was new to
these kind of games."

Simeone's dream for the future.
Simeone: "To win the world cup 2002 with Argentina, and since it
would be the 14th year with the national team I think we have some
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