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Shpigel leaves Rishon...

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According to the morning papers both sides have reached the conclusion that the team needs a wake up call following their severe condition at the bottom of the table, and the fact Rishon has earned 1 point in their last 8 matches. Ethan Shalom will guide the team on Saturday's game with Hapoel Haifa.
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do u have any indication where he will be heading for next season?:confused:
Nope, but here is a wild wild guess: The Olympic/U-21 National team. Just a feeling I have...Shpigel is a very respected manager in Israel despite the fact he failed a lot in recent years (his last seasons with Maccabi Haifa, Hap. Petah Tikva and now Ironi Rishon). As we all know Shpigel was the guy who 'adopted' Capello's Milan formation and fit it well to Maccabi Haifa model 94', which was one of the best teams we've ever seen here. I can't see Giora staying unemployed...
Shpigel had a couple of good runs with Rishon, just sucks it has to be this way.

I think it was the players anticipation and motivation that led to this..

I still want to see him in Action. I think he would suite for a team in the 2nd division..

Raanan's choice for destination is much more realistic than your's Kappa. Shpigel has won one or two championships as a coach, I don't believe he will go down a division.
about coachs

Will Nir Levin still be coach of Maccabi Tel-Aviv next season?
There was a rumour a couple of months ago that Shpiegel would replace him.
Any news on that?
There were rumours that Nir Levin we be replaces by several names, there is nothing official as of yet.
Giora is a good coach he began really well this season and Ironi Rishon LeTzion if I'm not mistaken in the 5th round were in first place! but I'm surprised how the team decreased in the last games any special reason for that?
Continuous inside managements battles which has been going on there for several seasons have also, in my belief, were the reasons for the team's sudden drop. Also there wasn't much of support from the fans who continuously kept cursing Shpigel whenever they just had the chance...
Yeah, the Rishon management has even got 2 chairmans and they mostly disagree with eachother too....

And also, Rishon has a small fan base, probably the smallest amongst the bottom clubs, and finally, I believe the team reached its peak too soon. True Berko they were really in first place after the first rounds but their team was just not meant for it and it seems like they have wasted all of their energy in the beginning.
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