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Should Titi go?

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Personally i believe he should stay, I know that there will be alot of fighting for the front two positions. But personally i believe he has that match winning temprament.

He reminds me a little of Ronnie Rosethal of the old liverpool. When ever he came off the bench he scored. I think we should try to hold on to him. With all the injuries the strikers had last season I think it's good to have backup. He was there when we needed him, now we repay our respects by keeping him.

If he wants to go and not fight for his place then that's another story.

F_rog (liverpool forever)
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i think camara is wanting a move away from anfield and that's the reason y Gh has put him ont he transfer list!

but what i don't understand is why is he so cheap!??
i think we got him for 2.5M..and GH wil probably accept a bid of 2.5-3.5M....i mean he scored 9goals and has adpated veyr well to the british style...

i think he should be sold at a much higher price than that|!
I definetly agree with you, if you look at how much british players go for it's ridiculous how cheap he is. If he does go, that will be a bargain buy for who ever buys him. They could at least make some sort of profit off him.
I won't want to see Titi go. He's one of our best attackers and always look like producing some magic once he gets it. Some of the goals he scored are really out of this world (eg. v Coventry, Anfield; v Arsenal, Highbury, etc.)

The only problem seems to be that he is (reportedly) unhappy.

Let's hope it's all bull****.
Gor GAWD'S sake pls, pls keep Camara at Liverpool.
Yeaa, we should keep him!!
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