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Its kinda hard to tell, but what happens is:
one guy goes to take the PK, but he just stands there- and one of the players waiting outside the box runs in and takes the pk instead. The ref allowed the gol, then got suspended.

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Yeah, please find that rule. I think the goal should stand.

Why did the ref get suspended though?

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"The Japan Football Association ruled the players infringed the laws of the game by deceiving the referee over who would take the kick.

While the Hiroshima duo are set to escape punishment, match official Takuto Okabe faces a two-match suspension for allowing the penalty to stand.

"Makino was clearly identified as the designated kicker (having placed the ball)," said the JFA's referees' committee chief Yasuhiro Matsuzaki.

"The moment Sato entered the penalty area there should have been a free-kick to Shimizu and a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct for Sato.

"The match officials are supposed to know the rules of the game and were unable to make the right decision. We will consider what (punitive) measures to take.""

So yeah, suspended because he's dumb.

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Preparing for the penalty kick
The referee must confi rm the following requirements before the penalty kick is
• the kicker is identified
the ball is properly placed on the penalty mark
• the goalkeeper is on the goal line between the goal posts and facing the
• the team-mates of the kicker and the goalkeeper are:
– outside the penalty area
– outside the penalty arc
– behind the ball

Just get it in FIFA site about the rules of the game.
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