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Should rexach be fired?

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I think that rexach is the worst coach ever that have managed barca.
why doesn't he play Overmars so often or in the first eleven ?he did great things last season.
why barca always plays with one striker(kluivert) and very few times with 2.
i think saviola is great and he must play more , the same for rochemback.And what the hell did he do with GEOVANNI he didn't even put him on the players list for the match against REAL.
My dream would be that johan cruyff replaces rexach
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Yeah, why not? Always good for media attention. Another opportunity for Gaspart to show his ugly face on TV :)
oh yeah krijn....ugly face:D :D :D :D
Rexach is a Barcelona man for years. I don't believe Gaspart would sack him and let him leaving the club. Probably he would be removed to another part of the club, maybe as a scout or technical director with SF.
Of course Rexach will stay with Barça. I don`t want him to be sacked till the end of the season.
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