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NO HE SHOULD STAY right at Lazio he is the greatest defnsive midfielder in the world no way he must stay he is an asset to Lazio and if they knew what was good for them he should stay he has been with us for a while now and has addapted extreamely well he goes on the field and does his job every time he is asked to and what more does a coach want in a player???


VIVA LA LAZIO!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Almeyda should stay / go and here´s why:

+ Extremely good ballwinner which is sooo important in a midfield. When Almeyda is not playing Veron must take much more defensive initiative and that´s why he started to play worse.

+ Great tackle
+ Good perception of the game

+ Voted most outstanding foreign player last season for a reason - he blew everybody away last season and now that he´s back this season he has brought alot of stability back to Lazio.

- Careless, I have seen Almeyda do some very stupid things and I don´t think anyone needs to be reminded of the red card in the Uefa cup final. It was Almeyda who gave C Lopez the ball after 1 minute in the away game against Valencia and oups 1 - 0.

- Not tactical, there are times when I wonder if this guy can do anything but run and tackle. Then again there are other times I wish we had a midfield full of Almeydas.

- Prone to injuries, last season Almeyda said he had trouble, the season before that he had trouble and this season he has hardly played. Still I´m not really calling him injury prone yet but it looks like he is.

- South American, means that he will travel alot during qualifications.

I´m not really sure what italian midfielder ( if Cragnotti wants to make the team more italian ) Cragnotti had in mind as an replacement for Almeyda but Baronio isn´t it. Baronio would possibly be a standin for Veron at times but I thought Stankovic was going to get that role in the future. One thing I hope for is that if we sell Almeyda please let us sell him to Spain or PL, I don´t want to read about how he cleans midfield for Milan and helps them to Lo Scudetto.

The dream replacement for Almeyda today would be Davids but that´s not going to happen.

The udinese midfield looks great offensiv and it would rock if both Fiore and Baronio came to Lazio.

If Lazio does indeed buy a more offensiv midfielder to replace Baronio then Pancaro and ***** will be told to not go as high as they usually do and that way we´d compensate a bit for the absence of Almeyda.

Speculations are fun and I never really finish my posts they way I intend when I start writing them. We´ll see how the future turns out but as long as Eriksson has a word to say about who´s coming and who´s not we are in good hands.

Mihajlovic, Veron, Pancaro and Mancini where all handpicked by Eriksson and the Swedish way is the way of caution.

Forza Lazio !!

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Of course Almeyda should stay......
Dave's life just would neva be the same....
lol besides that whats a better player to play alongside Simeone and Veron.... the 3 think alike and play in the national teams together .....personally i belive we can't get rid of one of em together they make an unseperable threesome!!!

Forza Lazio till the end
Forza Alme
and Forza Capitano Sandro!!! Pui bello non c'e'!
ciao ciao e buona pasqua a tutti
happy easter fellow laziali!

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Svennis, you're the man of gathering tons of information to direct conclusions out of it, so tell me, is Almeyda really to be called injury prone because he had this one long and terrible injury ? Vieri to me is injury prone, as you can sort of bet him being out of a lot of matches every year.

I certainly want to see Almeyda stay as I just saw him against viola once again winning many balls in midfield. I can't believe how many balls we are loosing really unnecessarily in almost any game, but Almeyda wins a lot back.

If we get an italian with the same kind of skill, I can bear Almeyda go because of other things like EU, national team etc. As long as we don't have an adequate ball winner, I want him to stay.

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There shouldn't even be talk about Almeyda leaving our team.
He's essential to Lazio's game just like Nesta. We need more players like him who play with their heart and are as talented. And besides, who's going to replace him? Baronio??? I doubt he can (eventhough i think he'd be a terrific addition to our midfield).
If Lazio can't find someone like Davids or Jeremies or Emmanuel Petit, they can forget about selling Almeyda.


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Almeyda should saty, but from what I read we will get Baronio back and Rivaldo. So I think we have more midfielders and the choices are between Almeyda or Stankovic ....

Almeyda isn't non-EU, it means he can play whenever he able to play .

Stankovic is non-EU, which mean we just have another 2 player from non-EU to keep Srankovic in field.

But Stankovic is still young .... younger than Almeyda I mean .

Since Stankovic is attacking midfielder and Almeyda defensive midfielder, we need more defensive next year, I have to choose Almeyda than Stankovic....

But don't sell Stankovic to Serie A clubs, which can be weapon to destroy ourselves.
See, Milan loaned Weah to Chelsea .....

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this is getting so old...why are we talking about if almeyda should go or leave again?? how bored can someone be to ask this kind of question every week...we all know that he is great and we all love him and want him to stay...that is not the point...the point is will cragnotti sell him or not? thats it...forget asking if we want him to go or not...i think that issue has been talked about indepthly for months...STOP THE POINTLESS TOPICS!
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