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Looks like Bati might be lost,
his heart is with Inter cause he dreams of playing with Ronaldo.As Vieri might be leaving.Inter Fiorentina and Lazio look like some players could be moving around in this Bati deal.Lazio want Vieri back,but also Bati,but want else is new as they want everybody.
So it may look like this:
Lazio trade Boksic(Salas) and Stakovic for Bati.Then trade Bati for Vieri that way Bati ends up in Inter,Vieri with Lazio.
And that leaves Roma with nothing.
Thats why we're going to shop in Spain.
Roma agents have just offered Morientes of Real Madrid 43 mil, but Milan may just bump that up to 53 mil.But it seems we won't give up there.
Also,Roma look to pick up Karembeau also from Real and former Sampdoria player who looked good back there but just hasn't found the space to play in Real.
Also it seems Roma are in contacts with Hasselbank and Milosevic
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