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Shevchenko- best forward in the World

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And I am not just talking about his 24 League goals in 30 matches.
He is also a very able player in all aspects of the game- a spectacular dribbler, strong shot, good passer, can header, clears the ball off the line sometimes (only poor at penalties).
So consdiering the sad end of Ronaldo's career Shevchenko is the best player in the world in terms of achievement, and playing style (pity he hasn't been playing as well at Milan, as he had in Kiev, but they have taught him how to header the ball).
And don't give me this "he has got potential..." rubbish. I am talking right here, right now.
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Yeah, and Lobanovski says the same. So once Valerij speaks we should all listen. Yeah, Shevchenko can do just about everything right now. And he's got every quality a modern striker should have beginning with a very quick start, etc. But I'm a Milan fan by the end and I'm partial to him (he's sometimes lost from the action of the game and he should be assisted by the others to become a true leader for Milan as he was once in Dynamo Kyiv).
Shevy is quite good
It's a pity he won't be playing at Euro 2000
Ranking him as the best forward in the world after one season is ridicolous. I am sorry but I know this is wrong Igor Ogorodnev. Saying that he may soon become the best forward in the world is wrong. His playing style I think isn't as good as Raul's anyway, who is the same age and has been consistent for 2 - 3 years now. Plus if you want to generalize the whole best forward in the world idea in terms of what a forward is supposed to do (score). I'll have to say Batistuta, I mean does this guy ever miss two good chances in a row???

Sheva is definetely a prime candidate for the best forward in the world in the future, and as soon as next year, but saying he is better than proven forwards like Batistuta and Raul is wrong in MY opinion.

Forza 1) JUVE 2) Chelsea 3) Valencia
Heh, how much have proven Raul since he's a year younger than Shevchenko. Plus Batistuta is a different type of player and he can't be compared to Shevchenko.
Shevchenko has been playing well for at least theree seasons- 6 goals in the champions League in 97/98 (an away hat-trick vrs. Barca)
12 goals in CL in 98/99 (CL record)
24 goals in the Serie A in 99/00 (first fopreigner to become top scorer in his first season for 40 years)
The player I mentioned (Batistuta) has been performing well for 9 years in ITALY, not the Ukrainian League. He has also performed well in Europe when his team made it there. I.e. ManU goals, Arsenal, etc...
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