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Everton are pondering the Idea of selling shares to the club to its fans. Now if the chief shareholders go for it this may help the club compete in the EPL. Yet Im sure they wont. It would relinquish too much power they now Hold. Yet this would allow Moyes spendin more money on the transfer market.

Everton ponder share issue

Everton directors are being asked to consider offering a share issue which could well raise in the region of £15m for the club.
The situation surrounding David Moyes' inability to compete in the transfer market for Stephen Pearson, who recently joined Celtic from Motherwell, has put any hopes of landing £5m-rated Nicky Butt from Manchester United into perspective.

And Moyes knows he will need a sizeable transfer kitty if his team are to be more than just a mid-table side in the Premiership.

The idea of the share issue has been mooted and rejected before, but this time it has the backing of some of the clubs major shareholders.

One of the, Steve Allison, who is the vice-chairman of the Everton Shareholders Association, wants to see 15,000 new shares offered at £1000 apiece.

While the £15m this issue would create would certainly be of a massive benefit to Moyes, it would prove to be a drain on the power the directors have at Goodison, reducing Messrs Kenwright, Abercromby, Woods and Gregg's stake in the club from the current 70% to just over 50%.

Allison said: "Everton fans are a huge family and the sooner we give all fans the opportunity to demonstrate their support through ownership. the less the burden will rest solely on our magnificent faithful attendance."

Another major shareholder, Michael Owen, said: "If the clubs board of directors are not prepared or unable to pump money into the club then it is only logical and reasonable to give Everton fans the opportunity so to do."

The proposal is set to be discussed at a board meeting at Goodison later this month.
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