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Setting up schools in Brazil and China

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Barca are trying to set up some football schools in china and brazil. in the case of china, this will not only help us by finding some up and coming chinese talent but also be a catalyst for the game in china.

if we manage to set these up espect alot of talent coming ourway in the future
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Krijn said:
Let's also start one in Korea :)

i think the reason for setting up one in china is because they are eager to become a football power with the population they have. barca notices this so they are trying to snap up the talent aswell as improving the game over there.

would be funny if the barca team in 10 years is a bunch of chinese with spanish citizenship
At Brazil Barça will find good players for sure!
There is a lot of young players, and can play very well!
Yes, at the moment the best talent will probably be found in Brasil. That good very well change in the long run though, when football becomes popular in China. Besides that, a good player from countries like China, Korea, Japan will be very good for Barcelona's marketing activities -> money!!!!! Countries like this aren't used to having fellow countrymen playing at the major clubs in europe and, as soccer is becoming more popular every day over there, the players that do make are considered 'gods' (or at least half-gods :D). Look at what happend in Korea! Look at nakata at Parma and Ono at Feyenoord. They're gods in Japan and bring in alot of money for their clubs!
its dodgy to be praising gaspart but hes really making a huge effort to boost our marketing like in america, thailand and now in china and brazil.

i mean we arnt in debt anymore and with a couple of trophies the future could be very good indeed.

you all probably knew this but in a survey in america for there favourite football team or team they know the most we topped it. that nfl deal is really working well
Well, I have heard a little bit of talk on the radio stations and some of the pre-season NFL type shows about the deal with FC Barcelona. I guess you could say that this would mean that players would be more likely to go to Barcelona if they are ready to go to europe.

That being said, its still pretty rare to see european team shirts.

I find it a little difficult to believe Barc,a is that popular because I figured Celtic would be the most popular, but its good to hear.

ON the other hand, I don't find it hard to belive that barc,a is the most popular club for South Americans.
schools in brasil and china

barça is studing to create football schools in china and in brasil, the financial stop the operation.
in china the club will' give' the name to two teams, the problem here is not the financial, is to follow the teams and the school
brasil, they want money and barça thinks that theses schools would not been a financial trouble for barça
Unfortunately I think this has less to do with football and more to do with selling Barca-merchendise. (Of course there is a connection; more $ = more $ for/to players etc.)

Speaking of merchendise, has anyone seen the store at the Camp Nou - its totally ridiculous some of the stuff you can find there; Panties with Barca print etc.

Suppose that would be the perfect Valentines-day present - now THAT'S romance!

Well, I know Ajax got some talents out of their South-African school (Benni McCarthy, for instance), so it could bring some goods. But in the end marketing will be a massive reason for us to start these schools....
But is it bad to make money of which we can buy new players?
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