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Serie A Weel 27 Discussion Thread

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Inter - Reggina (18:00) :star: :star: :star:

Palermo - Udinese (20:30) :star: :star: :star:

Sunday (15:00)

Catania - Cagliari :star: :star:

Empoli - Milan :star: :star: :star:

Lazio - Livorno :star: :star:

Napoli - Roma :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Parma - Sampdoria :star: :star: :star:

Siena - Fiorentina :star: :star: :star:

Torino - Atalanta :star: :star:

Genoa - Juventus (20:30) :star: :star: :star:
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Roma will be beaten imo, Napoli are just to good in their stadium, whether it's their performance or the "refs" ..
Fiorentina have a hard game at hand, Siena is in red hot form.
Parma can benefit from the absence of Cassano, but I bet they will get another draw.
We lost last against Empoli, but their form is nothing to write home about.
I bet torino will have another high scoring draw ;)
Inter will get back in pace, Reggina have been horrible away.
Napoli - Roma is hard to predict IMO. Napoli have both had great and not to great performances.
I think Milan could draw at Empoli. Fiorentina might draw too. Roma I hope win, but I fear a loss mainly because the heads are too far in the clouds right now :D
Well Empoli beat Milan at the San Siro earlier in the season and after just being knocked out the CL it could be a potential banna skin so you never know.

Game of the week is definiately the clash in Naples, there's always fireworks when Napoli play Roma. :D
Its the game of the week, and ****ing Napoli home game as usual means it wont be broadcasted...
WOHOO!!! Forza the clean Calcio.
Inter and Roma win... the race is on for sure now,. Impressive win for Roma. Milan also with an important win. To be honest, Malesani (or whoever made the tactical changes because he was sent off) basically won the game for Milan when they took off Abate on the 50th minute and Giovinco on the 55th minute because they were the 2 best players for Empoli :wth: along with Marchisio.
Abate was injuried and Giovinco IMO did nothing.
Giovinco was doing quite alot. I think alot of people expect some players to tkae on 3 opponents and score a magnificent goal to get any reward. No he didnt do that... however he did some very good through balls for the team and kept the ball well in attack. He also put alot of pressure on Oddo, probably a reason why he was taken off at HT... when Giacomazzi entered he rarely touched the ball and he played alot deeper... like the rest of Empoli and basically allowed Milan to control the game.
All the attacking throughballs and high pace of their counterattacks was thanks to Giovinco's throughballs and his link-up with the constantly running Abate. He put alot of pressure on your team in that way, starting his teams attacking initiative (instead of hold onto the ball, he passed the ball in the right timing). I guess he must try to beat all defenders individually and mostly fail as Pato does too often, for you to deem him as doing anything.
Btw, Handanovic was fantastic against Palermo on Saturday. I think he could be a great keeper in a few years time, he's only 23 now.
I guess he must try to beat all defenders individually and mostly fail as Pato does too often, for you to deem him as doing anything.
I may have missed some of his throughballs. All in al empoli didn't really have any succesful throughballs, I mostly saw failed ones that Maldini picked up. Nope the real reason I'd say he did little was because he didn't come to succesful crosses or shots and have troubles breaking trough an quite vulnerable defense. Passing the ball to a unmarked Abate is childs play.

I may agree though that Giacomazzi on the other hand did much less (much less of a threat) that didn't make Giovinco's performance into something special.
I dont think anyone said it was special, but at least very good... Empoli caused alot of pressure on Milan in the first half and Milan at times barely attacked because of this. Alot of the reason was for the higher pressure of players like Giovinco and Abate that was put on MIlan defence and midfield. Once Mariannini and Giacomazzi entered they both failed to attack effectively, but also defended alot deeper and asked for Milan to have the ball. This is the fault of the Empoli coach, even if Ancelotti did make good changes to the team (e.g Brocchi and Bonera were much more effective than the two on before them).
In the scale of performances, Giovinco's performance was quite good, not oustanding, so special or great. But he was more or less their whole attacking engine. He didnt go and dribble the defence on his own as he can, he mainly limited it to running Oddo down til he was half-dead (regarding Maldini, Giovinco left him behind too in one counter when Maldini was last D).

But his main contribution was being the reason why Empoli could maintain that high pace and counters. They could run all the time, but it wouldnt have gone anywhere if it wasnt for his passing and Abate's individual runs. The pressure they had on you and dominating you in parts was exactly due to having someone intelligent enough to make those well-timed passes that made their counters smooth. They attacked so much or had the ball so much in the first half that you couldnt even get the ball to attack anything more then a minute of losing the ball. Empoli didnt finish their attacks that well, but Saudati for some reason had little presence in the box despte the support he had behind him, at times it was like Giovinco and Abate was strikers, because they couldnt pass Saudati because he was nowhere to be seen. Would have been different with Pozzi. Their counters would have a final destination more then.
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Poor Buscé doesn't get any recognition for toying with Favalli. It's all Giovinco and Abate apparently :eekani:.
If it was an acheivement to toy with Favalli, it would be mentionned.

But indeed, Busce was together with Abate contributing lots of runs that wreaked havoc on Milan in the first half. But Abate took more initiative then Busce did, in taking on Milans defence. Even if Busce did his part of the countering really well too.
Giovinco would look so much better if he played on a team where the strikers can actually trap and finish.
If it was an acheivement to toy with Favalli, it would be mentionned.
I know, ;). Then again, the way Milan played last Sunday many teams/players could have given them a run for their money. That Milan side of 2007-2008 is about as lacklustre as we are.
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