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Serie A, the last 5 games of the season for the 3 title contenders.

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1. Inter 62 points, Atalanta, Brescia, @Chievo, Piacenza, @Lazio
2. Roma 59, @Venezia, Parma, @Milan, Chievo, @Torino
3. Juventus 56, @Perugia, Milan, @Piacenza, Brescia, @Udinese

First of all, Juventus isn't mathematically eliminated -- although recovering 6 points in five games is a very tough task. What I think militates for them being virtually out of contention is the fact that they have yet to play at the Stadio Renato Curi where Perugia has a fine home record of 8 wins, 4 draws, and only 2 losses, and then a match with a re-invigorated Milan. The last three teams(@Piacenza, Brescia, @Udinese) may well all still be fighting for their lives to stave off relegation and so may
not be the easy games one might think they are....

Roma has an easier road than one thinks - only a match at
Milan presents itself as a difficult task. Venezia is already relegated in Serie B, Parma has no chance in the Stadio
Olimpico (and neither does a happy-to-be-still-be-up-next-
year Chievo.) Torino should be celebrating another year up
in Serie A by the time the last week rolls around so they
should not be a challenge. Roma will be in it all the way....

Atalanta and Brescia are tricky, tricky games for the Nerazzurri
-- Atalanta still isn't quite free of relegation worries and Brescia
is in peril of being in the "seria cadetta" next season and also
both teams would love to beat their big "Northern neighbors",
especially Atalanta. The Chievo game would have been
easier (now) if at San Siro - but it is AT Chievo's home so I don't expect favors for Inter. The Piacenza match is against a side that will doubtless play Hubner all alone up front and dig in nine others in front of their keeper, daring Inter to score a goal. Inter better hope that it does not need a win in the last contest against a Lazio team that has only lost 1 home game in all the season(the derby), a Lazio that will not roll over and die against them because its the players playing not the tifosi....
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The only conclusion we can reach is that there are no easy games in the Italian League. No team can be underestimated or you are bound to be surprised.
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