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Serie A on Directv

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Can anyone tell me what the coverage is like on Directv? They have Fox Sports World, which shows Serie A games throughout the month. Do they show a weekly game, or do they show a couple of games each week? I'm looking into getting a dish and am trying to decide between Directv and DishNetwork. I'd appreciate any help you can give me.
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I have DishNetwork/If you purchase the channel RAI INTERNATIONAL you will see La Giostra Del GOL every sunday morning which shows A featured SerIE A match in the morning and in the evening>
I get Fox Sports World through a conventional cable service. Last season they showed two Serie A matches per week - one game Saturday afternoon and one of the Sunday matches but not until Monday evening. Then both of these would be rerun throughout the week. Also, last year they didn't start showing Serie A until about a month into the season. Commentary is in English.
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