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Barone, Sereni and Ventola are all still out and of course Comotto's season is over, which is a huge blow. Gazzetta says this:

Rosina-P. Zanetti-Grella-Diana
Pisano-Di Loreto-Dellafiore-Motta

Attack looks fine if we can ever get around to scoring, but I have questions about Motta at right-back and the possibility of Franceschini and Lanna being our next backups in defense.

This will be a hard game. Injuries have hit us bad. We really need points but don't expect Catania to do us any favors. If we win this will be huge.

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we win with a 2-1 !!!
but..so many yellow cards

RETI: pt 3' Spinesi, 4' Diana, st 17' Di Michele

AMMONITI: pt Spinesi, Motta, st Grella, Lanna, Di Michele, Zanetti, Mascara

RECUPERO: pt 1', st 4'

CATANIA (4-3-3): Polito; Sardo, Silvestri, Silvestre, Vargas; Baiocco (st 41' Izco), Edusei (st 18' Martinez), Tedesco; Colucci (st 32' Pià), Spinesi, Mascara. A disp. Rossi, Sottil, Alvarez, Sabato. All. Baldini.

TORINO (4-4-2):
Fontana; Motta, Di Loreto (st 1' Lanna), Dellafiore, Pisano; Diana, Grella, Zanetti, Rosina (st 39' Corini); Recoba (st 14' Di Michele), Stellone.
A disp. Gomis, Asamoah, Bottone, Malonga.
All. Novellino.

ARBITRO: Rizzoli di Bologna; Assistenti: Padovan, Manzini; Quarto Uomo: Herberg
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