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Serie A Matchday 29: TORO vs Udinese

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after cagliari,our last 10 matches will be:
29 08.03.19 toro-udinese
30 08.03.22 toro-milan
31 08.03.30 catania-toro
32 08.04.06 toro-empoli
33 07.04.13 genoa-toro
34 08.04.20 toro-inter
35 08.04.27 roma-toro
36 08.05.04 toro-napoli
37 08.05.11 livorno-toro
38 08.05.18 toro-fiorentina

if we can't get a positive result——mid table for now,if not just survive again——the lost to cagliari would be proved to be the turning point.
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We have a pretty difficult end of season, so a result at any stage is crucial. Udinese are a good team but we can beat them at home. At the very least, a point.
Portieri: Fontana, Sereni.

Difensori: Comotto, Dellafiore, Di Loreto, Lanna, Motta, Natali, Rubin.

Centrocampisti: Barone, Bottone, Corini, Diana, Grella, Lazetic, Rosina.

Attaccanti: Di Michele, Recoba, Stellone, Ventola.
This is so frustrating to watch. Udinese up 1-0 on their only shot on goal of the game, a free kick that deflected off our wall. We had probably the most blatant penalty ever denied to us and completely dominated the half yet nothing has come of it. Stellone is looking worse now, and Lazetic is godawful, I don't what Novellino was thinking in the past few weeks picking him over Rosina, but at least he started Rosina this time. ****, I would rather have a half-fit Recoba than a fully-fit Lazetic.
I'm going to vomit now. :yuck:

Perfectly onside goal denied by the linesman, and Di Michele hit the post. Any good chance we had was taken away by the refs. Though our performance was disgusting nonetheless. Udinese sat back and defended the whole game, we had so much possession and territorial advantage and couldn't do sh!t with it. Di Michele is genius part of the time, an idiot the rest.
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