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Serie A Matchday 26: Sampdoria-Torino

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We beat Samp 1-0 in the home leg of this fixture, though if its anything like last season (and like what I'm expecting) then they'll probably beat us away. They are coming off a big loss to Atalanta, and for me its always uncertain when you face teams that have just lost big.

I'm in a rush though, so I'll write more later.
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Portieri: Gomis, Fontana, Sereni.

Difensori: Comotto, Di Loreto, Lanna, Motta, Natali, Pisano.

Centrocampisti: Barone, Bottone, Corini, Diana, Grella, Lazetic, Rosina.

Attaccanti: Di Michele, Malonga, Recoba, Stellone, Ventola.
only novellino knows why

he plays lanna ,not rosina ,not recoba

then he plays rosina around 80 minutes,again, in the midweek he also did this
More entertaining that most Samp v Toro encounters.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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