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If there was a match featuring Serie A dream team against The World dream team, who would you think would win? Assuming everybody is injury free~
Serie A dream team would probably play a
4-4-2? or 4-3-3? or 3-3-1-2?
Fw: Del Piero/Shevshenkov + Ronaldo/Batistuta
MiD: Zidane + Veron + Davids + Seedorf or Rui Costa/Nakata
DeF: Maldini + Thuram + Montero + Mihalovji(sorri can't spell) or Nesta/Cannarvao
GK: Buffon/Toldo
Coach: Lippi?/Eriksson/Ancelotti

The world dream team:

Fw: Raul/Yorke + Figo/Owen/
MiD: Beckham/Overmars + Rivaldo + GiGGs/ + Redondo/Keane/Petit
DeF: Stam + F. De Boer + Desailly/Hierro + Roberto Carlos + Bogarde
GK: Kahn/Schmeichel/Chillivert
Coach: Ferguson/Venebles

Obviously i don't know much about Bundeslega or other leagues.
Anyways, naming all World players were much harder to naming serie A cause Serie A has so many good players!

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I'm not smart enough to name the Serie A dream team or the World dream team, but I do know this much - if the Serie A dream team played in a 3 - 3 - 1 - 2 formation, they would have a very difficult time of it. :)
[I think you mean 3 - 4 - 1 - 2].

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