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I think there are two things here, one is underperforming individuals and/or players we need improvements on, for which i think there are quite a few players, but i understand it's debatable. The second aspect is that Allegri continues to struggle to make this team play as a cohesive unit, it's been clear for a while now.

To be honest, i don't know which influences the other more, are we struggling like this because players who should be making a greater contribution continue to be mediocre? Or are we struggling because Allegri is not able to instill his philosophy effectively and as a result we are struggling as a team and individually as well?

What i can say is, i don't know how tenable this situation is, losing to two provincial sides back to back, and continuing this slide down the table, we could be 7 points off 4th spot tomorrow after 11 games. At some point, the pressure will be on Allegri. Forget how we could be 16 points off first as well, let's just focus on finishing top 4 at this point.

Again, i go back to this issue with us trying to recreate formulas which worked in the past. We needed a fresh perspective, and bringing back Allegri for me just puts us back to where we were when he was with us before, which was on the cusp of things going downhill.

I also don't understand why he's rotating so much, perhaps the biggest problem we have at the moment is we don't know what our best 11 is. So instead of trying to figure this out by giving who he thinks might be this collective an extended run in the side so we can find this out, he keeps rotating 2/3 of the team for each game. How do we develop continuity and understanding like this? It's also a team with a many new faces, they need to time to learn how to play with each other. Also, i don't understand this rigidity about playing 4-4-2 when we really don't have the personnel for it, a 4-3-3 would be much more feasible given the squad we have now. I don't know if this is Allegri making a statement that he doesn't have the players he needs to play the way he wants, but if he wants to keep the job he needs to adapt to what he has at his disposal. Being stubborn about this makes little sense, playing Rabiot as a LM doesn't make much sense.

So how about starting to make some decisions which do make some sense, Allegri.
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